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Book Your Hot Tub Balloon Ride in Tucson, AZ


Imagine drifting thousands of feet above ground in a private hot tub while you enjoy a tasty beverage with your partner in free-floating solace. Balloon America is proud to bring you a world first: a hot tub balloon ride in Tucson, AZ. Float thousands of feet above the Earth and enjoy a newfound sense of freedom in ultimate comfort.

We pride ourselves on offering you a one-of-a-kind look at the Santa Catalina Mountains in a way you’ve never pictured taking in the local landscape before. Our teak-trimmed hot tub accommodates two passengers comfortably filled with spring water heated to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. For insulation, we also add roughly 435 ping pong balls to keep the water temperature elevated. We can confidently say you won’t find another balloon ride experience like this!

Our local sunrise varies from 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., depending on the time of year. After your 1-hour balloon tour, you’ll return to a champagne brunch to complete your experience. Unfortunately, hot air ballooning is not an exact science — meaning that some flexibility is needed to accommodate your tour. Please allow approximately 4 hours from arrival at the launch site to the end of your meal later that morning.

Our crew filling one of the custom designed hot tubs with 104F spring water just prior to lift off. The 435 ping pong balls are for insulation to keep the water hot.


Delivering Safe, Luxurious Hot Air Balloon Rides

Our highest priority is always your safety. For your assurance, we require all pilots to maintain a first-class medical certification from the FAA. Commercial airliners require this certification, which ensures that our pilots are in peak physical and mental condition to fly. In their more than 6000 hours of collective flight time, none of our hot air balloon pilots have had an accident. Captain Ron K. Miller looks forward to providing you with a comforting, hot air balloon ride that you won’t soon forget. With our flawless flight record, it just makes sense to make Balloon America your destination for a unique balloon ride experience.

Our computer controlled instant hot water heater and 250 gallons of spring water. We can fill TWO hot tubs with 100 gallons of 104F hot water in SEVEN minutes!

Helping Customers Relive Their Experiences

With all of our hot air balloon rides, each gondola is equipped with a mounted, wide-angle camera to capture you and your guests’ reactions along with the scenery around you. Additionally, our drones record the balloon ride experience, starting from lift-off, and then follow your ride before returning to port. The drone footage offers close-ups of the basket and the landscape behind you. All of the footage and images captured will be provided to you after the trip, with the video edited to include titles and music. Reach out to us to enjoy a hot air balloon ride experience, unlike any other.