Balloon America

Take a Once In a Lifetime Hot Air Balloon Tour along the Santa Catalina mountains, Southern Arizona's magnificent sky islands


Balloon America flies one half of a mile from and frequently closer to the Santa Catalina and Rincon Mountain Ranges. Flight conditions permitting you'll fly up to ten miles along these majestic Sky Islands that soar 9100 feet above sea level. Our exclusive flight path departing from La Mariposa Resort provides passengers with superior scenic views compared to others and stable flight conditions.

Catalina Mountain Tour

This hot air balloon adventure lasts up to three hours total from start to finish, where you'll be traveling 5 to 10 miles at altitudes from tree top level to 3,000 feet above ground. Our typical flight path takes us toward Sabino Canyon and over the foothills of the 9,100 foot tall Santa Catalina Mountains.

Inflated with Perks

With this package, you'll receive:

* An exclusive wide angle 8 x 12 color portrait taken in flight - thousands of feet above ground - by our remotely mounted professional-quality Nikon camera. This wide angle portrait shows all passengers in the basket and a panoramic background view of Southeast Arizona. 

* You'll also be handed a remote control so you can take your own selfie's at any time during the flight to create your own personalized album.  No need to take awkward selfies with your cell phone.  This high-resolution keepsake photo album is emailed to you after the flight.

* In addition, we serve Janisson REAL (not cheap sparkling wine)  French champagne post flight next to our serene duck pond in chilled Crystal Cuvee flutes.  A choice of chilled juice is also available.

* Exclusive airborne video footage of you taken by our drone which shows you entering the basket and lifting off!  Our drone will also follow us for the first few minutes of flight providing closeups of you in the basket along with magnificent mountain scenery.  This video is available on You Tube the same day you take your flight - for you to share with family and friends for 30 days after your flight.  Only on Balloon America!

$349 per person

Grand Canyon Crossing

A one-of-a-kind hot air balloon tour offered exclusively by Balloon America, we depart from the south rim for an incredible bird's eye view of The Grand Canyon. The flight's duration is two to three hours and it spans 30 to 50 miles. An exceptional gourmet lunch is served in-flight with Dom Perignon French champagne. An 11 x 14-color portrait is taken in- flight and this is framed in a walnut and copper engraved Grand Canyon Crossing plaque. We depart at sunrise only and require a minimum booking of two passengers. Please note that no children under 12 are allowed on this flight. All transfers are included from Grand Canyon Airport. Overnight accommodations required the night before are not included.

$6,250 per person